Healthy coding stays in healthy body

The Body achieves what Mind believes- Anonymous Prolonged sitting and staring at the computer screen continuously, not eating healthy food, no exercise or workout results in stiffness, back pain, headaches and eyestrain. The lifestyle we follow and the way we work has an adverse effect on our health. Worried! Don't be as that will only aggravate the problem :). There are ways to avoid

Posted by Neha on April 28, 2017

CodeFire works with Indian Railways to automate onboard services

CodeFire worked closely with Indian Railways to create online platform which allows passengers to get their compartment cleaned while they are onboard. This service is available on the web as well as mobile via SMS. Passengers can make a cleaning request in the following ways: 1. From the Mobile: a. REQ < Space > <10 Digit PNR Number> b. Send

Posted by Nihar on April 17, 2017

RESTful API for Magento 1.9X

It all started with CodeFire getting asked by a client to create Native Mobile application for Magento 1.9 version.  Just to give you a little more background, CodeFire has been working on Magento platform quite a lot and we have done some work on Magento that we are really #proudOf. We know that Magento is a rich / powerful and huge eCommerce platform, however, is not the easiest

Posted by Pranjal on April 14, 2017

Impact of Automation on Travel Indusrty

Will 2017 be a growth year for the travel and hospitality industry? As per the latest reports from Deloitte's,  companies who have eye towards innovation could turn some of the challenges into opportunities. The travel industry will grow faster than the global economy this year only if they reach out to customers, offer innovative solutions and win loyalty/meeting client expectation. Havin

Posted by Shaveta on April 11, 2017

Want that Job? Increase your credibility!

Has it ever happened with you, that you had applied for a job, appeared for the interview, nailed the interview process and thought that your prospective employer is going all the way to hire you. But after all that you didn't get the offer, in some cases you may not even get a callback from HR department for follow up. After dreading for a few days, you convince yourself that they didn't dese

Posted by Neha on April 4, 2017

Project Estimation: Agile Development

Estimation as the name suggest is to find the approximate timeline. Estimating is one the hardest aspect of the software development. Estimating for traditional software development fundamentally different from estimating for Agile projects. The traditional approach follows the "bottoms-up" approach which is to spend several weeks or months at the beginning of a project defining the detailed re

Posted by Nihar on March 27, 2017

How to Manage time in Software Industry

The Bad News is Time Flies. The good News is you're the Captain-Michael Altshuler Have you ever thought what your life would be if you are a superhero like Superman or Captain America so that all your task and assignments will be done in a jiffy and we don't even need to pull a single finger. But, here we are normal human beings, stuck in the course of time limitation and productivity as we are

Posted by Neha on March 25, 2017

Mobile Application: Why it's really important for businesses today

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with end-users, whether the end-user is a customer, employee, business partner, or even a service. Users including you and I prefer Mobile apps then websites for one simple reason i.e. Ease of Access or access of information. As an entrepreneur or Business Organization we need to understand our end users, how profitable is the mobile

Posted by Shaveta on March 25, 2017

Introduction to Machine Learning for a programmer

This article is aimed at explaining the term "Machine Learning" (ML) to (conventional) programmers. Since, I have been on both sides, been a conventional programmer and am currently a Machine Learning enthusiast, so I think I am in a unique position to distinguish and explain the term to conventional programmers so they can relate and understand the key differences in the approach and re

Posted by admin on March 15, 2017

Face Recognition using AWS on iOS

Face identification and recognition has been a very tricky topic to handle and work with. There are multiple rich open source libraries such as OpenCV and OpenBR (which is based on OpenCV anyway) that can be used to carry out this task. These libraries involve large amount of effort and have a very steep learning curvey, before they can be used effectively. However, very recently ( November 2

Posted by Pranjal And Lakshman on March 3, 2017
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