Open Source Development

CodeFire Technologies strongly believes in Open Source initiative and want to contribute to the community. Below is the list of application we have developed and are available as Open source.

cfBlockCountries:This is a Joomla plugin that can be used to block IP address from certain countries. For example if you want to block access of the site from any IP in in certain countries you can use this plugin. View more details about this plugin at Open source IP blocking plugin. As a paid variant of this plugin we have created cfBlockCountries-PRO, this is much more feature packed and user friendly but this is not open source or free

cfAuthorDetails:This is Joomla plugin that can be used to display author details on Joomla articles. This also allows you to link Author profile with Google+ profile. View more details about the plugin on this page . There is a blog article also which explains details about how to configure and test this plugin.