Product Engineering Services

The technology landscape is changing rapidly, which leads to established products become obsolete. The outdated technology catalyzes product support and upgrades difficult and costly. In an effort to build a product available to a wider segment of potential customers and to retain the key customer segment, many product owners want to migrate their product to a mainstream technology and new platform.

Leveraging our extensive experience on product engineering, we can assist organizations to achieve their business objectives with meticulously planned engineering methodology. We appraise the investments in legacy systems through meticulous analysis of application set, business logic analysis and mining with tool-based approach. Our product engineering methodology ensures smooth transition involving data migration, technology migration system testing. Our adapted services include:



  • Re-design application
  • Development
  • Documentation
  • Porting and Existing Data Migration
  • Migration to client/server and web
  • 2


  • Identify Pain points (Business problems)
  • To be Landscape
  • The procedures to be catered by the re-engineered application
  • Stakeholder's viewpoint

  • 3


  • Product Assessment
  • Knowledge transfere
  • Platform and Technology Identification
  • Detailed specifications for the project
  • System planning (selection of architecture, creation of interaction protocols and technical specifications for separate modules, etc.) and prototyping
  • System implementation (System Specifications, Construction, QA)
  • Creation of project documentation (System architecture description, source code detailed description (in addition to built-in comments in code)
  • New system optimization and tuning