April, 2017

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We love our clients!


All companies that are in business love their clients. We love our clients too. But there is a special type of client that we love more than anyone else! As a company CodeFire loves challenges, loves to do complex and new work all the time. We get 100X more motivated and pumped, the moment we know the project is a difficult one or someone has failed at doing this.

This story is about one such project! The project were we challenged ourselves to develop something that did not exist anywhere on the web before this. Though we are still not 100% done with the project but it was the process that made it really outstanding.

imgpsh_fullsize_1We at CodeFire may not be doing what Elon Musk is doing with his #moonshotProjects, but we have that DNA of not giving up, at least not easily! And at one point this project seemed like a #moonshot in its own. Read-up the story, its just a 5 minute read with 0 technical jargon. We would love to hear what you think about this!

CodeFire is working with Indian Railways to automate onboard housekeeping services. This platform allows passengers to get their compartment cleaned while they are onboard the train. Passengers need to provide their PNR number and based on that the system automatically determines their reservation and train status and notifies the train staff about the new request. In case something is wrong with the PNR details passengers are notified accordingly. The service is already live and has been showing good results in last 3 months. Read details about this project.
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