July, 2017

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Business flourishes with customers - a happy customer will also a source of the business in both repeated as well as new business as the pleased customer spread good words about the product and services, so it is vital for the organization to keep their customer happy by building good relationship through sales & marketing or call center team. It becomes quite a task for organization with a huge clientele keep track of the client details, communications with them, follow ups, schedules of calls and meetings, tasks, quotes etc., the solution to this is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

A CRM software aggregate Customers information in one place to give easy access to business where team members can perform operations on the Customers' data as per the requirements and roles assigned to them.Now the confusion is to either get CRM custom developed as per the business processes of the organization or go with one off the shelf CRMs such as SuiteCRM, ZOHO, EspoCRM, CapsuleCRM, Insightly, Really Simple Systems etc. which is closely matching to your business processes and tweak it meet your business process.

Considering the demand, [email protected] well equipped with the capability of both customizing an off the shelf CRM or custom develop as per the requirement of the client. Click here to read more about CRM Case studies.


CodeFireBuzz: Hackathon @ CodeFire!


In the recent years Hackathons have become a phenomenon that is changing IT world drastically and changing the very norms of technology & project development. Over the years Hackathons have challenged devleopers to create ideas possible in a very limited time frame and also projecting how to hanlde challenges during immense pressure. With the Idea above we decided to organize our very first Hackathon in CodeFire.

Hacthon presented a great opportunity for our developers to learn and develop the projects on their own ideas. It was very great to watch developers working with new technology or projects doing all the dig and dip by themselves. The result of the Hackthon was impeccable but what was outstanding was the enthusiasm shown by the team for the event and for the projects that have been developed during the event.

Read details about this event.

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