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Posted by Neha on July 28, 2017


How would you feel when you develop something that has been in your mind for a long time, but you didn't have time or the courage to actually sit and work on the idea. Innovation and technology go hand in hand, you not only need to think different but execute as well to be ahead of others in your field, with that we decided to organize CodeFire's first "Hackathon"

In the event, it was totally up to the individual to choose to work in a team or individually. The event was open for company employees, fresher's and experienced and it was received positively by everyone. An event page has been created where anyone posted their ideas and concepts.

We started the day with music and some great ideas on which teams started work. Good news was pantry was stocked with lots snacks, cold drinks and lots of food to eat. As the day progressed excitement was building up as every ne was trying to complete the project on time. We did go live on Facebook as well and everyone shared information on what they were doing on the day with everyone who are watching the live stream yay!.

Our main motive was to have some fun while creating something interesting and which was not related to day to day office work and allow your creativity to take shape. The event effectively combined both the competitive spirit and the collaborative approach. As we were reaching towards end of the day, it became a battle among teams as everyone of them was aiming for wining the title. But at the end of the day, irrespective of who won, spirit of Hackathon "Creativity Innovation & Teamwork" was seen in its full glory.

Winners were chosen by voting system. The marks were given on the basis of idea, implementation and presentation. Team presented their ideas as individual and in team with the implementation of their project. Some of the projects that were done on the day are:

  1. Train a Machine learning algorithm to identify and stop spammers from posting on blogs.
  2. Create a library that would check if a site has SQL injection bug
  3. Search information based on objects in image, using AWS image based object recognition
  4. Create Snakes and ladders game on the web
  5. Music Player in react JS
  6. Track your mobile even after its been stolen
  7. Tested and reporting bugs to FB
  8. Mobile App for extracting text from image.

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you Learn"

There is a common saying "winner takes it all" well it can't be true in all cases such as ours. Yes, we also announced winners of "Hackathon" but here every participant is a winner in their own terms.

Third Place went to "Mobile Tracking System" by Saurav Kumar. His idea was to develop an app which will help track the mobile after it has been lost. The tricky part with this app was that once app is installed on the mobile, it will be in hidden mode thus making it difficult for a thief to uninstall the app.

The Second Prize went to "Image Data Analysis" by Amit Kumar. If you have an image and you search the image on search engine it will give you similar images in result but will not tell you what exactly is in the image. So, the idea here was to develop an app which will describe all the information about the image.

We all love to develop games in different technologies as it is both fun & creative So, our winning project didn't come as shocker when Ayush created "Snake & Ladder" in PHP. The best thing about this project was it was very simple and was ready way before the deadline.

We did it all: enjoyed the creative process, snatched the prizes, gain each other's admiration and are also happy with how much we had done in that one day. Hackathon helped us to build an environment, in which ideas could be presented with an open mind so that we can nurture them for a positive output. It also helped us to break out the daily routine.

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