Mobile development: Features that all applications must have

Posted by Nihar on May 8, 2017


So, got your mobile app (iOS, Android or any other) developed with all the amazing features you wanted in the mobile app for your business and are ready to release it on the app store. These days mobile app with good user experience is a must for your business. You must have got all the desired features for your business incorporated in the mobile app, however, there are some essential features that all mobile apps need to have irrespective of what the core functional features are. Here is the list of some musthave features for the mobile app you are getting developed:

Share Feedback | Rating

Customer feedback is an important part for any mobile application it will not only help you understand what features work well and which ones do not, but feedback and rating on app stores helps new users to decide quickly if they want to download the application. 

The simplest way to get feedback from your mobile app users is to ask for reviews within the app. On both iOS and Android, developers can program a request for a user to rate the app, and leave a review.

Though what is really important is to find the perfect time to ask for feedback. Many mobile apps ask for ratings and reviews immediately, but this can annoy customers as they are not yet familiar enough with the app to really give a score. Whether it is a button or a link does not matter; the important part is that you give your users a quick way to provide suggestions or criticisms. Also your users will appreciate that you are open to their feedback and that their input can shape the future of your app.

Making necessary changes from the user's feedback will make your customer happy and help the mobile app to be more widely used. So, it is critical to provide some means to users to provide their feedback on your app.

Additionally, mobile app ratings are not just important for potential customers- they also affect how easily the app can be found in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Share with friends

For your business, the greatest form of marketing is when your customer recommends for your product. People are more likely to buy/use, if something which is being recommended by their friends. Which is exactly why you must allow them to do that with your app. Implement a "share with friends" feature in your mobile app, which will allow your customer to share/recommend the mobile app with their friends. In the app, allow a user to enter a phone number or email, to send an invite directly to someone they know. Send them the recommended users with a link of the play/app store link to download the app and start using it. Also, you must provide a good default message template as a lot of times users do not spend too much time typing up the text. If you help your users by giving them easy and effective way to share with friends, you are the one who will be rewarded with many new users.

Notify for app update

It is most commonly found that many customers are using an older version of the apps and not availing full range of features of the latest release of your mobile app. To allow your customers avail the latest release you must have the feature of "Notify for app update", which will ensure your customer get notified for the any vital update in the app with fixes and new features. These notifications will allow customers to download the latest release of the mobile app and use the complete range of new features been provided in the latest release.

User tracking

For the business, it is vital to evaluate user lifetime value, retention and the frequency of usage. Tracking users for your mobile app is vital to build greater engagement with your customers, like downloading the app from the app/play store, launching successful app, time spent on the mobile app (user sessions), uninstalling the app, tracking specific behavior and segmenting audiences. Measuring engagement, getting these numbers helps planning for the growth of your app as well as business.

Most of the features mentioned above are part of most of the applications we create. In fact we recommend and list out all the best practices to follow while engaging in mobile application development. We work very closely with you to ensure that all the must have features are added to your application and your mobile apps is tuned for top usability and profitability.

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