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Posted by Nihar on April 17, 2017


CodeFire worked closely with Indian Railways to create online platform www.trainservicerequest.com which allows passengers to get their compartment cleaned while they are onboard. This service is available on the web as well as mobile via SMS. Passengers can make a cleaning request in the following ways:

1. From the Mobile:

  1. a. REQ <Space> <10 Digit PNR Number> <Space> <Request Code
  2. b. Send SMS to 58888

2. Request from the Website (www.trainservicerequest.com)

  1. a. Fill the request for with the following:
  2. i. PNR Number
  3. ii. Mobile Number
  4. iii. Select Service Type from the dropdown.
  5. iv. Enter the CAPTCHA

b. Then click the "Submit" button to make service request

We have added rigorous checks to ensure that only genuine requests are passed on to the railway staff and minimize human intervention. Some checks that are made include valid PNR number, train number, seat number, coach number etc. Only when the information collected from the Indian Railways suggest that the train is currently running and the details match with the information available in the Trainservicerequest.com, the passenger's request is registered. Subsequent to that On Board Housekeeping Staff (OBHS) deployed in the train is assigned the request.

Since the railways wants to be very stringent about the cleaning process, sophisticated work flow has been designed by CodeFire, where automatic escalation of request happens if it is not attended to promptly. This includes escalation mechanism from mid management to highest levels as needed.

All the requests generated between 6 A.M. and 10 P.M by the passengers are handled immediately by OBHS and the request generated between 10 P.M. and 6 A.M. are added in a queue to be processed in the morning, provided train is still running and the passengers are appropriately informed via SMS.

Since, Indian Railways is very particular about the quality of service provided, we have added facility for the passenger to provide feedback when the request raised by them is closed. If they are unsatisfied for any reason, the feedback is reviewed by top management and appropriate action is taken.

Since, Indian Railways is one of the biggest organizations in the world in terms of number of people employed, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_employers) their operations are divided into Zones, divisions and depots. A zone has multiple divisions and a division has multiple depots
So, the application was developed in truly SaaS model where Depot user only has access to their data, Division and Zones can access data from all Depots and divisions that lie under them.

A sophisticated hierarchy based system was designed and with dynamic permission and user accessibility. Detailed reports have been created to allow for easy review of services and identify problem areas quickly.

Currently the application only caters to "Cleaning" service, however, very soon we are adding quite a few more service, such as:

  • Watering of Coaches
  • Disinfection/Pest Control
  • Linen/Bed Roll
  • Train Lighting/AC
  • Petty Repairs

So, Indian Railways is committed to providing best of services to passengers and we are committed to providing best of technology to make that job easier and quicker!

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