Google Warns Affiliate Marketers About Content on Video Sites

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Posted by admin on September 5, 2016

Google is giving more stress to affiliate marketers by giving attention on published content on video sites. These sites display content from affiliate marketing websites which is available on thousands of other site also. Google warns webmasters against developing a website with thin or scraped content which has no substantial added value to its users.

Pure affiliate sites contains content from other websites don't perform well in Google search results and being deindexed from Google in terms of violation of its quality guidelines. Example of thin affiliate websites contain product affiliate links with product descriptions copied from original source of content.

If you are running a website that sydicates content from some affiliate programs, then make sure website has significant added value to users that will inspire users to see this in search results instead of the original source of content. Build a website to gain loyal readership by building a community for its users and create informative content about ongoing subjects. Discussion forums, user reviews, blogs and product feedbacks provide unique content and provide greate content to users.

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