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Posted by Neha on April 28, 2017


The Body achieves what Mind believes- Anonymous

Prolonged sitting and staring at the computer screen continuously, not eating healthy food, no exercise or workoutresults in stiffness, back pain, headaches and eyestrain. The lifestyle we follow and the way we work has an adverse effecton our health. Worried! Don't be as that will only aggravate the problem :). There are ways to avoid health problems.Subtle changes in how you work - and how you feel about work  - can lead to a measurable difference in your shortand long term wellness.

The below mentioned strategies can fit into even the busiest routine and help you eliminate many of the issues:

 1. Stop eating at your desk: - Get away from your desk during lunch. I understand that it feels easy to just eatwhere you sit but the real purpose of lunch is to give you a break so that you can re-energize yourself. Go forsmall walk around the block, try your hand on some games in your break room and this will help you to feel calmer, moreenergetic and  focused when you get back to your desk.

 2. Pay attention to your posture: - Have you ever thought about your posture while sitting at your desk or when youare taking a call. Back Pain and Shoulder strains are results of  not siting properly. You need to straighten up yourback, tuck in your stomach and put your feet flat on the floor with your legs uncrossed. This will keep you energizedthroughout  the day as well as not put adverse effect on you body.

 3. Mini Workout: - If you have a busy schedule and not have much time to exercise and this is making adverse impacton your health than there are different type of exercises like  Elbow Pump and Knee Jerk and Toe Touching which you cantry sitting at your desk only.

 4. Decorate your desk: - If your work is taking toll over your health and you are feeling exhausted at yourworkplace try to give a personal touch to your workstation (desk). You can  always decorate your desk with motivationalquotes and family photographs or other items you like it will help you in reducing stress.

 5. Plan for Holiday: - Once in a while plan for a holiday, go for a trip or trekking and take a small break fromyour work and if you are planning to go on a leave of 3-4 days do not  waste it just sitting at your home. Asmall tripwill motivate you to work with more enthusiasm as you will be returning to work with new experience and stories to share.

 6. Get up and move around: - Make a point of getting away from your desk and moving at least once an hourthroughout the day. Get a coffee or tea, refill your water bottle or  simply walk across the office to speak to acolleague instead of emailing them.

 7. Take your eyes away from computer: - If you spend the day staring at a computer screen, remember to look awayoccasionally at something else for at least a minute or two - this gives your eye muscles a chance to relax and canhelp in reducing eyestrain and headaches.

8. Keep yourself hydrated: - Always keep a water bottle near you and keep drinking even if you are not big fan ofdrinking plan water. Drinking a lot of water will help in detoxification and alleviating headaches.

In our fast-paced life, it has been a norm to sit for long, it can be in office or sitting in our vehicles. We havebecome habitual of this lifestyle we don't even realize until we suffer from some serious health issues. If you are thinkingof changing the way you live for good, you don't always need to go join a gym simple changes in your daily routine can alsomake big changes.

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