How to Manage time in Software Industry

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Posted by Neha on March 25, 2017

Have you ever thought what your life would be if you are a superhero like Superman or Captain America so that all your task and assignments will be done in a jiffy and we don't even need to pull a single finger. But, here we are normal human beings, stuck in the course of time limitation and productivity as we are living in a very fast moving world. 

Software Industry is super demanding and fast paced, as it is always evolving and upgrading itself. It is paramount that a Software Engineer keeps pace with the latest changes and updates his knowledge as well. But many a times some of us are not able to keep pace and fail. Have you ever wondered why?

Everyone has same 24 Hours in a day but still some are more successful than others. What successful people do and unsuccessful may not being is effective and efficient management of time.

The important fact that most people get wrong about time management is that they are fighting against it, as if they are in some kind of competition. Instead we need to utilize it as an important tool that will help us in achieve our goals. Now that we know Time Management is important, here are a few Time Management secrets that will help:

1. Schedule your next day

If you are planning or at least giving a thought in planning your upcoming day in advance you are likely to be more productive as it already been decided what you will be doing first after reaching your workplace. Trust me, planning your day ahead will help you to be in control of your schedule and work.

2. Work Harder and Smarter

How we all love to put Hard-worker in our resume at that time of Interview but in the long run you need to be a smart-worker. Do lots of hard work to figure out what works for you and what does not and based on that learn to work smartly. There is no smart work without initial hard work. So focus your energy on the methodology that will help in to complete your task in less time frame. 

3. Streamline and prioritize

Prioritize all your major and minor tasks. Assign time according to importance of tasks at hand. 

4. Measure (Track your Time)

Once a day analyze and assess the effort you have put in and whether they are proving to be fruitful or not. Even if you are completing all you task as planned there are chances that you will be wasting your important time on things like chatting with friends and Social Media. So with this time measurement and efficiency you will be assess your capability over time and assign more or less tasks for yourself.

5. Review and change your strategy

While working on a project if you are not getting desired results, then you need to take a break, review why you are not getting the desired output and as required change your strategy. Try not to waste your time by doing things that you know do not work 

These above mentioned methods are very easy to implement and follow in your day to day activities and once you are able to set all these methods and start following them rigorously then you will be one step closer to becoming a superhero.

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