Impact of domain types (TLD) on SEO

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Posted by admin on September 5, 2016

Most of the website owners and webmasters think many times while purchasing domain for their business. One of the major worry is whether it will rank better in Search Engines with respect to nature of business or not.

Domains get ranking in search engines depending on top level domain (TLD) they own. TLD is the highest level of a domain in hierarchy of Domain Name System. Forexample, .com is the top level domain in URL (www.example.com) and example is the mid level domain and www is a label of world wide web.

So, before considering the impact of TLDs have a look at types of TLDs.

Types of TLDs:

Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs): consists of .us, .uk, .tv, .in and .au etc.

Internationalized Country Code Top Level Domains (IDN ccTLDs): consists of .bd, .cn, .in and .ru etc.

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs): consists of .gov, .com, .edu, .mil, .org, .net and .info etc.

Infrastructure Top Level Domain (iTLDs): is .arpa (Address and Routing Parameter Area) was the first Top Level domain of Internet.

While selecting a TLD one can have many types of questions about domains:

What is the best domain name extension

Can my domain name rank in every country

Can a .com domain name rank well in a local area or country

What is the impact in rankings of search engines if we do change in domain name

According to the type of TLDs, Google gives different values to domains in different kind of scenarios. Generally speaking, best TLD to get rank higher in a local area or in a particular country is ccTLD like .com.au, .co.in than gTLDs like .com. info etc. However, if you want to rank in every country for your domain then gTLDs are better than ccTLDs.

About 60% of the total domains have .com extension primarily because

1.Browsers by default have shortcut provided for .com domains.

2..com domains are global commercial domains.

.com domain can be made to rank better in Google than ccTLDs like .com.au , to do the same, select a option in Google Webmaster tools

Follow below mentioned steps to do this:

First Go to Google webmaster dashboard by selecting a website in your account which you want to rank, then select Configuration -> Settings, then check the Check box in Geographical target option and select country you want to.

Domains with .org TLDs in general, get rank higher than other TLDs in both Google and Bing. So always purchase a domain with specific ccTLD for a specific country or .com or .org gTLDs.

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