Mobile Application: Why it's really important for businesses today

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Posted by Shaveta on March 25, 2017

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with end-users, whether the end-user is a customer, employee, business partner, or even a service. Users including you and I prefer Mobile apps then websites for one simple reason i.e. Ease of Access or access of information. As an entrepreneur or Business Organization we need to understand our end users, how profitable is the mobile app market?

The mobile app economy was worth $53 billion in 2012, and the forecast for 2017 is that it will grow over $143 billion. Below figure show how Mobile App have grown over the years.

Some factors pushing mobile first approach in development:

  1. Deeper Customer Engagement: With the growth of mobile technology comes a significant increase in transaction volume -- from status updates to content downloads and collaboration. Even if user is on holiday or in office they can interact through app and get engage. Apart from this features such as GPS, one can access user information and personalize offers in order to make them more attractive. Such apps can be Travel, Marketplace, Banking Apps etc.

  2. Rich Data Capture: Mobile applications can help capture user's information and their preferences in non-intrusive ways, which eventually can help to deliver personalized content that is relevant to the individual user. Mobile application can save organization from slow of process of collecting data and analyzing it.

  3. Better Service and Sales: Mobile app has made sales easier than before. It is changing the way people buy and sell products and services. One of the best example can be Amazon, they analyzed their target audience and offered services which users were looking for. It's important to provide a dedicated app, focused on providing customers with the information they are looking for as if better services are offered you will end up with more sales.

How we can help:

Being one of the top app development companies, we blend our knowledge and skill to deliver world class mobile application development services. We offer 

Being one of the top app development companies, we blend our knowledge and skill to deliver world class mobile application development services. We offer 

Mobile Engagement Services: It includes understanding client requirements, create wireframes (blueprint for user interface and experience), UI design (Pixel perfect user interface), UI development (translating Mock-ups into functioning user interface).

Mobile App Development Services: It includes developing native and hybrid apps for IOS and Android devices. It also includes API integration to provide connection to the back-end System.

Mobile device and app management Services: Launching Mobile application on stores can be difficult for small to medium businesses. Our services include installing apps on stores and providing maintenance support (developer's account at Apple's App Store or Google's Play Market, submitting the app, hosting it, regular notifications, engagement, maintenance, minor bug fixes, adapting it to new operating systems etc)

We have developed apps in following functional domains

  1. Push Notification: This is one of the core features for any mobile application. Push Notification is a way for an app to send message or notify without opening an app. They are easier to send comparing to an email.

  2. Social Media Integration: As of today, more than 80% people like sharing content, photos or any information on platforms such as Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin/Intagram. Though we implemented these API in web applications but integrated for one our Mobile app where authors and users love to share content.

  3. Mobile Payment: Most apps developed are for ecommerce/Service based or related to mobile payment. Users are more comfortable paying through mobile apps rather than paying cash or using website. We have integrated payment gateways and for our in-house ecommerce application which can be easily integrated and customized.

  4. GEO location and Google Maps: Most commonly used feature, GPS report your location to other users. Commonly found in taxi, restaurant ordering apps. We implemented google map for Driver Application where driver could track the location of users and deliver products.

  5. Messaging: It allows users with an app to interact with each other. Though its not easy to implement and not commonly found in apps, we implemented this functionality for our Travel app, users could share travel itinerary with each other and contact each other through message.

  6. Face Recognition: This is one of the upcoming technology. To start with, we developed our in house Attendance Management system and implemented Face Recognition.

  7. Live Streaming: Offering live streaming in mobile is difficult to achieve but we managed for our product. Application works in conjunction with vCamApp which is used to live broadcast to the server and this application can manage and view that broadcast.

  8. GUI: Convenient user interface is main features for any successful application. Hard to achieve but its key to retain your customers. We ensure smooth interface is provided so that clients can perform each action with ease.

  9. Support & Update: To build long standing application, customers need maintenance/ongoing support. We offer maintenance plans as per the client's convenience.

There are other apps which we have developed..list will just go on... so if you are looking for Mobile App development, share your requirements with us and get free analysis and quote. You can contact me on skype @ development_expert or mail us at [email protected]

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