Mobile-Friendliness soon to be SEO ranking signal

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Posted by admin on June 17, 2016

So, Google is going to update the search algorithm again, this time primarily for mobile devices. Will it impact general SEO for desktop as well, we don't know. However, since a big percentage of the traffic is anyway on Mobile devices, its good to be friendly with them and reap SEO brownie points from google. This update is going to be live on 21 April, so there is not too much time left.

We CodeFire has considerable expertise in developing crowdfunding web and mobile applications including niche markets such as P2P Lending, reward based donation etc. Some of the core features of crowdfunding sites we have developed include creating campaigns, profile management, user verification process, social media integration, document management, loan management, SMS integration, notification alerts etc.

So what you need to know. First, is your website responsive or developed for mobile? If yes, do a quick test with mobile friendly checker from google to ensure that google also thinks so. Since there are some additional checks added by google, so there are some chances of failure for mobile sites as well.

Though this test page is just a single page check. You definately want to run the check on the entire site. You can run the check from Mobile Usability Report inside your Google Webmaster Account.

If the site is not mobile friendly, now is the time to make it so. Though there is very little time left, literally only a couple weeks. If you care about your web presence and want to stay ahead of your competition, you need to take action now. We can make your site Mobile friendly quickly, before the deadline or we can buy some time for your site using some creative means.

Send us the link for your website and get a quick estimate!

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